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The Lost Voice of God

Warning: This material invites you to reclaim the true divine voice.

As I found myself writing this title, I thought to myself, " that's a bit bold of you, now what are you going to write". The truth is I had no idea what this post was to be about until I started writing it. This is because the content unfolds as I write it. So here it goes, my latest version unfolding 'the lost voice of god' ....

Since August 2023, I feel like have been hijacked by consciousness. It fills my thoughts throughout the day. Therefore there is only one place for me to start. I start by acknowledging all of life is consciousness. You may be familiar with the flower of life image. I originally read volume 1 of the "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life" by Drunvalo Melchizedek around 2011. It starts with a point of consciousness that forms a circle around it, and then another circle to create the vesica piscis, two intersecting circles which continue to grow and expand into the image used in the picture here. Consciousness is the voice that chooses to expand and grow. It does this through awareness of its' thoughts. It sets and intentions and carries out actions to fulfill that intention.

The Flower of Life
The Flower of Life starts with a point of consciousness

This resonnates with stories of creation where there is first the sound that leads to creation. Different cultures have their own versions, as I am from vedic culture, the first sound it OM or AUM. The chanting of aum is said to bring yourself back into alignment with your truth/soul. Cultures have spring up around this or similar sounds leading to what we call today religions. We will keep religion out of this simply because it creates discussions of judgement about right and wrong. Creation orign does not belong to religion or science. It is simply the orgin. Consciousness is simply that which gives us 'awareness' of existing. Therefore, consciousness exists in the form of life.

Manifestation & Consciousness

As I started writing my mind jumped all over the place. Manifestation theories, law of attraction, core frequency, thoughts and emotions and grounding in awareness. It was too vast to consider even contemplating covering it in a simple blog. So I hope to convey a flavour that temps you to your own awareness of what this means to you. In this post I wish to simply all that which flows through us at deeply level that your heart is touched by it. I have heard and read the words "ask and you shall receive" are in the bible. The 'Law of Attraction' is all about asking and receiving. So I asked the question; who am I suppose to be asking? Is it god, goddess, the angels, the universe? Does it depend on what I believe or don't believe? Though my own journey I can see that there a some very different practices to emulate this process of 'ask to receive'. I deliberate used, 'ask to receive', as effectively, that is what we are doing. This is the magic of life to be have the ability to ask and to receive, what we have asked for. The problem is that we have been conditioned to ask in particular ways. Though practices vary accross cultures it tends to involve some form of ceremony and prayer. There are gods and goddesses of abundance, money and wealth from cultures around the world. I grew up with Laksmi Mata (mother) as the Godess of wealth and prosperity.

I grew up in a family that did not decicate itself to praying for wealth and prosperity as the primary driving force. It was all about duty. Duty to what, is a whole different topic. I like to take religion out of it as it limited the way I approach life. Religion and cultures intimately influence through conditioning of society. This may result in a sense of loss of connection initially but ultimately it deepens my connection. When I talk about consciousness I feel a level of detachment to it., at the same time it feels like everything to me; with a sense of wholeness, presence and connection with an interesting experience of non-attachment. Through this level awareness of feeling consciousness, it enables me to become less attached to life experiences. Yet I experience and feel things more deeply. This leads my mind to bring forth the words of 'conscousness experiencing itself'. Another term used in religious context. Now you may think you could never experience this level of non-attachment, I believe people detach from life experiences every day. Becoming immune to the pains of others, or hidden traumas are an examples of this. This is a self protective mechanism of the mind to protect our emotions.

Hiding the Inner Voice

These protective mechanisms have been built over time as we see but detach. This now becomes our foundation in life and unconsciously, 'the voice of God'. Which dictates through the conditionings of religions, cultures and practices. From a young age I did not believe in the voice of God through someone else. My own experience caused me to question this authority. All it took as a child was a negative experience that caused me to not believe in who I was told to perceive as god. Bascially, I became an atheist but found peace through meditation. I learnt not to put everything into 'fitting in' in any one particular group when it came to religion. However this this had an impact on how I viewed meditation.

Understanding Your Intuition

Listening to your intuition and channeling was something I kept away from. It was seen as a negative practice. Therefore, it never occurred to me that my intuition is the voice I needed to listen to. I heard it but I hid it and attempted to follow the norm. As I grew older and embraced energy healing practices, I perceived Gods, Goddesses, divine beings as energy archetypes and vibrations that support our growth and expansion. I was not looking to seek the 'voice of god let alone hear it'. It took me a very long time to understand that the quiet intuitive voice was what I needed to listen too. Like most people, I had been trained all my life to not trust this voice. Therefore, like everyone else I attempted to 'fit in' with cultural norms. This form of societal control is exceptionally hard to shift. Even after I first experienced deep connection to consciousness, I was still influenced by the concept that meditation is a tool to connect within to seek enlightenment only. This compartmentalization meant I was not listening to my inner voice.

Seeking Channeling

As part of my journey I began to seek out new ways to grow and expand. I found myself going to a channelling group after I learnt I had strong psychic abilities. Or should I say, I had a very strong intuition and I was not even listening to it. Even here, unconsciously I was trying to fit in with the concept of what it means to channel. I did not following the normal perceptions of being a medium. I found it easy to give readings from a higher soul perspective than to offer a reading that told you your future or your past. You see from my perspective, of having spent many years with meditation and not using meditation for anything other than connecting to higher consciousness, I had bypassed traditional psychic practices without tapping into them consciously. Undertaking all these energy practices actually enabled me to channel my higher self. Over time, I began to trust this voice more and more. I stay sceptical and question the voice and sometimes it was ego egging me on. Learning to know whose voice I was hearing took time.

Seeking support

In life there is a fine line between supporting and guiding and telling someone what to believe and understand. You see the lost voice of god is your souls lost voice. This inner voice is the voice of our own conciousness or our higher self, divine self or if you like, the voice of god. It is this voice we learn to listen to through support and guidance as we learn to navigate life. Like everyone else I primarily learnt through trial and error. Most of the errors were the result of listening to the voice of others in the form of our social, cultural and environmental conditionings telling us, how to think, feel, act and do. I had to learn to stop acting through conscious and unconscious fears. The voice of fear is stronger than the voice of true unconditional love at first. In fact some teachings teach you to fear 'god' and so we have lost the voice of god that speasks with unconditional love. This the lost voice of god.

Divine Love

The voice of god is the voice of divine love. This voice guides us from our own hearts. This intuitive voice that may not even be a whispher anymore due to neglect , is the voice that speaks of the needs of your soul. The hearts true voice begins to give us clarity to embrace being our authentic truth, and walk our own path. As I walked more listening to my heart and reclaiming my hearts truth, that I gained more clairty. Clairty is given as the gift from our divine self as we listen and trust in our individual divine voice. You can experience this in the form of a god or goddess, ascended master, and any of the high frequency beings you feel alignment too.

Your Challenge

Ask yourself whose voice are you listening to?

Is is the voice of another you are reinstating in your life? Or it is a voice that invites you to go deeper into yourself and into your heart? Are you seeking validation outside yourself? You loose connection to the voice of god if you only seek it externally. It is not external. It is an inside job.

Are you willing to do what it takes to reinsate your true voice?

Remembering Divine Self

The true internal voice is the voice of the Divine Self, the Consciousness within that is here to expand and grow through consciously living life in awareness. Though I grew up in a culture/religion that understands that we are all souls having a soul journey; the conditionings of living in a fear based society had prevented me from truly listening to this divine voice within. The only way out is to step outside the accepted norms.

The Great Fear of Being Different

Stepping outside the accepted norms means you have to stand out and be different. This is the fear of being alone. Fear of not 'fitting in'. In normal society we are only celebrated for 'fitting in'. When you fit in, you can be controlled by governing forces. Though we have guidelines of what is considered good. The truth is we are adhereing to what makes us 'fit in'. We are still not listening to our true voice.


As we begin to align to our true voice, a deep inner peace begins to establish itself. You don't need to stand out. You just need to be true to the divine within. The divine within sees life through the conscousness of unconditional love. As you begin to operate from a place of love, you begin to relinquish fear bit by bit. This leads to a natural unfolding of your inner voice and truth.

No More Self Compromise

Being from your hearts true voice, divine voice means that you simplify your life. The rule that came to my head when I was only 19 was that I can do as I like providing that I was not causing harm to another person. Though it tooks decades of truly understanding it's meaning, along the way I learnt to stop compromising my soul. Over time I built better boundaries to continue being true to myself.

The choice is Yours

What voice are you choosing to listen to? Begin to understand this. Then let your soul guide.

Bhavna Mistry

Soul Story Alchemist & Heart Centred Mentor

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