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Signature Package
777 PTP

Creation of 777 Personal Transformational Plan (PTP)

What is the 777 Personal Transformation Plan

The 777 Personal Transformation Plan (PTP) is designed to work through the chakras on one particular issue from a deeper core perspective.  This is not about clearing and balancing your chakras to maintain balance. It goes deeper.  In the healing sessions we simply deal with what is arising for the chakras in that moment to clear it and bring back into balance in the chakras.  The next step is to bring the chakras into alignment and then balance this alignment.  The 777 PTP sessions go even deeper.  it is a deeper investigation into your chakra to connect with the deeper stories to transform them and regain personal power. This works within your own deeper stories. It is the souls story we are working with to bring about the transformation from the place of origin.

How does the 777 PTP work?

This works with the energy bodies of light that affects the human body. The soul is the light that takes a human existence.  it is a light body that contains within it the energy centers we know as chakras that influence your holistic well-beings.  this exudes out an auric body, there are seven layers within the auric body and they are connected to the different levels of existence.  We access these these in your light body through the session as we explore the external life experience. Since birth your soul has accumulated various stories through the egos perception as it claimed the stories and stored them.  

The Chakras are your connection to spirit. They exist outside of the human body and hold information about the soul from one life to the next.  It holds the different vibrations of the stories through the chakras and how these are interlinked and influence each other.  On the journey we always begin with the most recent stories first.  These allow us to access what we need next.  What we believe is the issue is not usually the real cause. 

We are all healers, healing the past, in the present to reset our future.  Everyone goes through their own healing journey.  It is also important for all healers to go through their own healing journey.  It is this experiential knowledge that is key for deep healing for your self and later if called to, to support the healing process for others.  Once you have been through the journey several times over, nothing sounds strange or weird to you. Each person carries their own weird experience to navigate on their path. Though we may have very different stories it is surprising how often the vibrations of the energy are very very similar.  This is where understanding vibrational healing is the key to alchemy.

Through all the different training practices and development I have gone through over the last 34 years, I find it easy to relate to numerous experiences through the energy you bring. Remember the key is digging into the sacred records held within your chakras as this is accessing your own akashic records.  This is healing deeply. There are a number of ways to access this information, I have found the deepest has been through the chakras and the light body, and therefore is my preferred way. 

How deeply a person can access your information depends on the frequency they work at. The higher the frequency the deeper the healing process.  Therefore it is about your own energetic frequency.   Alchemy happens through the energy body and vibrational energies.  

You may wonder if this works more effectively in person or from distance.  The truth is it is equally effective.  When I developed this process and tested it out, initially it was in person.  I found that due to distance, people preferred if I could offer it at a distant, so I trialed it with a couple of people. The outcome was that it was very effective, at a distance and as usually, they were at home, and it was in the evenings, as then they did not need to travel home, they were able to settle in for the night and have good nights rest and therefore deepening the integration process.  Therefore, possible it is even better from a distant.  Ten years ago, I would not have said this even though I had completed a lot of distant healing sessions.  This is why I like to offer these sessions remotely.  If you want an in-person session, I am happy to that too. 

Putting the package together

The 777 PCP was developed in 2017 as a full package for healing one particular issue. As I worked with clients I learnt that we often need to uncover a lot of different stories and layers to get to the core.  Therefore the this integrated package takes into account dealing with layers and making it holistic. 


This package is designed so that it allows working remotely, and be just as effective as when working in person.  The idea came when working in London as clients were from different locations in London and travel could take up to 2 hours.   The first sessions were primarily remote, even those who had visited later decided to continue remotely.

These sessions evolved as I worked each person. I found I was following a distinct pattern and doing deep chakra alchemy.  Over the sessions we covered all the chakras from base to crown.  Therefore, the core package had to have a minimum of seven sessions.

Session 1 - Deep story telling consultation and personal guided session 

Session 2 - Review of the week and working core issues arising from the week inbetween the sessions

Session 3 - Review of the week and working with core issues arising the week from session 2 - session 3 and this is how the pattern continued.

Unpacking the Stories

As we unpacked the inner stories through review, consultation and guidance work,  I found this evolved on various energy body influences.  It was slightly different for each person, some work started at the at the base chakra through to crown chakra, whereas, others were a combination of different chakras of the one theme.  Overall, the movement did go from base towards the crown.  At the same time the alchemy was taking place through the layers of the physical and auric bodies. Realizing that I was working through the 7  layers, the name became apparent, 7 chakras, 7 bodies, 7 sessions. This is how the signature package got it's name, as it was a personalized, transformation process.  At the same time during this period guidance / tools were provided to empower the clients. 

Deeper Integration Sessions

It is recommend to have two further deeper integration sessions between 2-4 weeks later and is offered as a single session or two separate session closely completed, to consolidate all the work through all the chakras.  This ensures anything that arises is released through all the individual chakras and then bringing into the chakras the tools / gifts needed for the journey onward.  The 8th & 9 sessions can be taken on the same day however, it will be split into two sessions to allow for a break and grounding.  It is recommend that you do these session within 1 week of each other.  We explore the light body, through the chakras and the imprinted patterns that need to be replaced and rewritten for soul level integration. 

Past case studies of 777 PCT whole package.

Through the different people I worked with, I found this particular package had a massive positive impact on all the individuals.  It didn't matter what the issue was, the issue they came with was the trigger to heal the hidden stories.  Therefore, you do not need to know the stories beforehand, it is dealt with during the sessions.  The final integration brings a completeness to the internal work.

To get an idea of the types of cases I dealt with here is a summary of of some of the cases:

1. House move -  I worked two different people who wanted to move houses and were struggling to either get a buyer or find the right home. In both cases, not only did they find buyers and the new home, but the process went through smoothly as the alignment work had been completed.

2. Get a show on the road - one person in her 20's after surviving stage four cancer had an idea for an event that brought people with cancer greater awareness of the different options out there and encouraging them to embrace life more positively in the situation. This person has survived the odds after choosing to live and explore alternative options not offered through the usual channels of health. Through the seven sessions, we removed her inner barriers, which allowed her to take the actions required to successfully launch the first event and actually became confident enough to be the MC. She continues to grow with this work.

Here are some of the topics that were dealt with:

A retired nurse who was always stuttering - was able to overcome her stuttering and begin express her needs to her family and even say 'no'.

A professional who had life long issues with, their mother, was able to overcome a childhood trauma, which then allowed her to heal her relationship with her mother and build a positive strong one going forwards.

Social Media - one  lady who had been using Facebook for her business was struggling to do a Facebook live, Over the period we worked on various issues, and at the end, I supported her to do her own live.

I have worked with people who have wanted to achieve personal or professional goals, and through the process we have dealt with both and achieved more than they could have imagined they came to deal with.

Supported a person recovered from addictions to face a social situation in an empowered way. This was the final turning point as was able to face his fear of potentially not being able to 'say no'.


In another situation, for a professional who supported, large numbers of people on a regular basis with addictions to bring the joy back into his life, which had gone missing, due to a traumatic loss. 

A profoundly spiritual coach was able to deepen her connection and face inner fears, and raise her frequency to a higher level.

In conclusion this process can support any life change because it works on the light body at soul level. It is not the same as going for a treatment, as it is an active process for everyone involved.

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