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Guides &
Light Beings

We all have our own guides to help us navigate through life and the different stages we walk through. We can tap into this personal guidance consciously, often seen as a spiritual path.

You do not need to follow a specific path to connect into your guides.  There are various practices from around the world that enable us to connect

Initiations, drum journeys, mantra invocations are all forms of connecting for a support in life. This is support from the non-physical reality.  Our psychic senses and intuition plays deep role in this.

Let Your Inner Light Guide

Different Guides & Connections

Connecting & Aligning

We do not always connect to the spirituals guides that we think we should be connected to.  Often we have unconsciously moving away from our psychic nature, due to social and life conditioning that we might even feel a fear or aversion to a particular guide. This is the ego's way of keeping us back and in control. Over the years, I have worked with numerous guides but I have my core guides that are a constant in my life. It has been through the most difficult part of life experiences that I have receiving grounding and comfort through this way of life. It has built my resilience supported my wellbeing particularly on an emotional and mental level in an empowering way.

Working with your guides is a very personal journey, so in the slides below, I provide an overview of the medicine and healing path I have undertaken with particular guides as the alchemy work.

Animal Guides

Jaguar Medicine & Unicorn Heart

On my first drum journey, I met my power animal, Jaguar. 

Over the years, I have worked powerfully with jaguar medicine including Black Jaguar. It supported me through deep shamanic healing work.  

Unicorn came to me through my heart in my dreams., and connected to me as a another powerful, mythical guide. 

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