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Chakras and soul story

The Journey Begins at Birth

Your soul came to earth to experience life in the environment it was born. 

We all started in the same place, the place where souls go when they are not in the body. The place we sit and plan our life experiences from thin inaccessible place.


In 2012 I read a book written by Michael Newton regarding called The Journey of Souls, which was case studies done with people about life in-between lives through hypnosis. I was amazed by what was written. It consolidated what I had already learnt about the soul and having different life experiences. There are many who study this phenomenon and with very similar results.  Up until this time, my only experience of talking about this was with my sister when she was very young. She use to describe how she was sitting, watching life on earth, to choose her family. We use to play along with this as this felt like a fun creative conversation.  This conversation and others taught me to listen to very young children, they may still have access to memories that we have long forgotten.

Regression / Hypnosis / Meditation

In 2010 I decide to train in regression. This meant taking someone on a regression and having my own regression experience.  The purpose of the regression is to heal a past life experience that is affecting you today, just like in hypnosis, you are inducing a state that relaxes your mind to the point that you can access information. This is like entering very deep meditation states.  the only different is your intention is to access a past life.


There were 4 of us working in pairs and we shared experiences as part of our learning. You never know where you will go on a journey like this. One of the ladies described how she ended up going back as far as the time she was planning this birth. It was most fascinating to hear the experience which was similar to the case studies written by Michael Newton. My own experience took me in the opposite direction to how I was being guided. Though I journeyed as guided, to the past life; my spiritual guides transported me to their spiritual plane. There I received the healing I needed. The regression was a means to access this energy point in my energy body. I have since had some regressions for experience but it is more important to access the healing point than to know all the details.

Becoming Sensitive and Aware

The art of regression/hypnosis /meditation is what helps us to understand is that there is more to life in the non-tangible than we understand from the physical life perspective. Over the years we have lost our sensitivity to accessing these states. Through having someone experienced to guide you is a way to access this. It is important to learn to access this for yourself too. Meditation is a great tool for going very deep over time, it increases your awareness and sensitivity. The more sensitive you become, the more accessible this information is. Therefore, being sensitive is a positive state. We often hear comments like 'don't be so sensitive', or 'you are too sensitive'. On this journey being sensitve allows us to grows stronger as we are able to 'tune into', what, who where etc is affecting us in life positively or negatively.

The Story Unfolds

The Soul is experiencing everything through the body, it has an experiences task list it wants to get through, just like a bucket list. It has been born in the family, situation that will give it the key experiences and background it wishes to learn from consciously and subconsciously. Everything is part of your human story and soul experience. It will be a combination of everything and how you unconsciously translated it for your journey. Over time the accumulation of these events form a pattern in our lives, no matter what we do it comes back tot he same old patterns. We will have accumulated beliefs, values, behaviours we are not even aware of. We develop bias's towards something or away from something else. Culture, diversity, religion, sex, etc play a big in how we learn to navigate the complexities of life. 


These experiences will be a combination of dealing with safety and survival. We will learn habits as children that support us and keep us safe. Some will be great skills later in life and some will cause patterns we want to change.  It will affect how we learn to operate in life, some we grow out of and there are some things that just do not go away. At some point you have to make decisions on how you want to live your life, the vocation that interests, or the things you have do just to keep going in life. As we move through life, some of the things resonate and will make us feel good. Some things will sap the life out of us. The things that sap you are the areas to pay attention to for change.


Healing is about making the changes that makes us feel alive, to want to live and have positive empowering experiences. 

It is more than dealing with the symptoms, it is dealing with the cause. This is what all the different ancient traditions around the world offer. Tools to help us make the changes we need and want to live our best life in this experience. Often it requires great changes in your life and going again the grain. In a way you are rebelling from the social norms, doing things in the way others will accept you. Many of us do not even realise we need this healing as we are living in the status quo and making the most of it. Unless you are drawn to this naturally drawn to it, or you have a diagnosis of some sort, it will seem like a load of nonsense,  new age stuff.  Yet when we receive it through 'accepted norms, with new scientific name, it is accepted as therapy and not something of the new age stuff.  In this context I refer to the tradition of mindfulness meditation in psychology treatments. Here ancient traditions meets modern terminology that fit into theories. This is where spiritual healing / work comes in.  Unlike psychology, identification and talk is only part of the work. The biggest part of the work is to become the alchemist that can change the energies in the body.  This is where the inner child work come in. It is where we need to reclaim the power we lost, and soul parts associated with it. Once we begin the process, we keep going forwards. Iti s through this deep inner work that we learn about the souls story. the clues are all in the experiences to date. 

My Words Are My Creation

Over time through awareness you begin to understand ancient teachings about the importance of the words we use and how they lead to creation. Each one of us uniquely communicates our innermost desires which become the intentions behind your life experiences. Due to social conditioning and the minds tendency towards unconscious negative thoughts, feelings and emotions, over time we created a collection of powerful patterns of the very experiences we actually do not wish to create. The only way forwards is to undo the words automatic replay and replies in the mind. This is the meaning of healing in energy medicine. 


Ancient tools help create the life you desire. These are based on traditions such as meditation, mindfulness, chakras, working with the light, mantra, shamanism, there are various names depending on different cultures. Today there is deeper understanding about words through neuro linguistic programming (NLP). Creation stories allow us to go deeper unconsciously as we listen to the myths of the land. Sacred sounds like AUM, gets the mind out of the way and allows us to go with the vibrations of energy.  This beings to change the internal energetic landscape. It begins to reveal the stories behind our experiences and we begin to be more aware of our own beliefs and that influences are life. Our beliefs are words we creating life with at the core.  These changes is the alchemy of 'lead turning to gold.  Over time our words begin to change and intentions begin to align to start manifesting the life your want to create from your heart with balance joy and abundance. 

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