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Chakra Deepening Activation 

Chakras provide a great deal of information when accessed correctly. They hold the information of all your souls journeys. All you need to do is learn to access this primarily initially for yourself. When you have done the work on yourself, it is more natural and easy for you to guide others to the same place.

This course focuses equally on all the chakras to bring a holistic balanced approached to inner alchemy. It is good for your personal inner alchemy work and understanding your soul stories at a deeper level, through the chakras.

The course is scheduled to start 1st November 2023. To find out more contact to discuss before committing to ensure this is right for you.  


This is a 8 months program to be delivered via zoom online. with one weekend of in person integration work.  If you are really drawn to completing this course, get in touch to discuss. Courage and boldness has power and magic.

Chakra Activation Course Journey

Chakra Activation Journey is all about your own journey.  In any of the energy practices, you can only fully understand it by going through it deeply yourself.  A couple of weekends of chakra work does not allow you to go deep into your own journey without being able to actively see how it works in your life.

This course is designed to challenge your understanding of chakras and how they work, a recommended reading list will be suggested to support you further as you undertake the deeper journey. 

During the in-person two day event, you will be introduced to the chakra oracle cards to deepen your journey with chakras. These cards have been channeled and painted and give deep inner transformation. 

At the end of the course you will have gained tools that enable you to have:

  • a deeper understanding to all seven chakras and how they influence life situations

  • an understanding of how chakras impact individually and together

  • deepening and integration of the core 5 elements

  • the flow of the masculine and feminine energies in the body

  • creating deep inner peace and balance
  • awaken and raise your kundalini to the next level of your growth

  • understand the power of clearing energy flow with movement techniques

  • grounding techniques to keep your energy stable during the course and to support you in life

  • increase your intuition through your psychic centers

  • listen to the messages of your body more effectively and learn to respond instead of reacting to life situations

  • consciousness connection and soul stories

  • cosmic connection and guidance

  • chakra certificate 

Chakra Soul Story 

The power of story will be understood through your own growth and development.  We will explore personal stories and learn how to get the lessons and teachings in an empowering way that allow you to create inner alchemy.  This will be explored more deeply on the first day of the in-person event.

Soul and Purpose in Life

As you begin clear the heart chakra and begin to connect more deeply with your soul you will begin to get glimpses of understanding your purpose.  Purpose is revealed over time and we will explore how to deepen our connection to our purpose through understanding how the chakras can support your journey.  This will be explored on the second day of the in-person event.

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