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Soul Story Alchemist

Healer Teacher & Magical Artist

Bhavna Mistry

Hello and Welcome to the Sovereign Heart. My name is Bhavna Mistry, the guide for your souls mission to return to Sovereign Self. If you choose accept this path. You have found me, this page for message you needed to hear.

The Sovereign Heart is the results of my own journey through trials and errors. I chose a path free from dogma and secular teachings, refraining from the compelling human need to be identified with some and fit in. Deep down inside I knew I just needed the tools they offered to walk my own path.  This allowed me to dive deep into experiential growth and expansion. It took me beyond what was available in logical teachings into a world of the unknown. It taught me the importance of experience of life as the basis from which to learn, apply the tools and grow as I learnt to empower myself.

In 1988 I started with meditation, been through the pitfall, highs and lows of this practice which gifted me with great insights. I started the path of painting intuitively in 2009 after I designed and painted the Life Healing Values logo to represent the journey of the chakras to arriving at the creation of the Sovereign Heart, and logo design. I displayed my painting at a trade show to learn that they provided subconscious deep alchemy within the session, it is only now they are being created into a chakra structured oracle card deck for your journey.

I am a soul Story Healer Teacher and Magical Artist, providing coaching and mentoring services.  I began this journey over 34 years ago, when I discovered meditation and felt innately, this was the way forwards for me. I have delved deep into the spiritual mysteries of life; seeking the truth within to understand the meaning of soul.  This has been both deeply experiential, undertaking self study and getting various professional  qualifications along the way.

Meditation and mindfulness is the foundation of everything. I have a strong understanding of various stages, including the hurdles of being grounding for living in the normal existence of life. Along the journey I trained in numerous practices. I am now a Reiki Master, Qigong practitioner, shamanic practitioner, Neurolinguistic Practitioner (NLP) & Coach, Time Line Therapist and have a grounding in hypnosis. My specialist areas are in working with the light and astral body through the deep esoteric understanding chakras and the flow of kundalini and how to integrate through the power of being centred or balanced in the heart. Through these processes I learnt about the cosmic self, internal universe and spirit of the soul.

My soul mission is to provide a safe and supporting space to lead, encourage and guide others as they begin/or decide to go even deeper on their journey for taking charge of their own life direction. The processes and courses nurture an environment that enables revealing ones heart and soul enabling the reclaiming of inner truth and ability to actively make life decisions unconditionally.

I am passionate about helping individuals identify what them happy and feel inner peace. I refer to this as making your soul sing as this is the foundation for making empowered decisions. I choose to work with people at all levels, because I understand, that though you may not have done any energy work before consciously, it doesn't mean you don't understand. I have spoken to young children pre-teenage years who have been able to comprehend the inner truths better than many adults.

My approach during treatments, is deeply healing as it integrates the spiritual self with the human self, through emotions, and mental programmings. The longer sessions are a combination of NLP, guided journeys and sound to provide powerful transformational vibrational shifts. The goal is always for the re-calibration of soul, heart and human self.

I work with people who are seeking to deepen their life experiences, and begin to embrace leadership for self or professionally, as you explore personal truth. This Through this you deepen spirituality from a higher perspective whilst feeling whole again.  I teach and mentor beginners and professionals. True leadership begins with the self. In my experience beginners can be experienced in other soul lives and this reflects in the way they work with energy, even if they they have not even meditated before.

I run regular events including retreats in the community and privately offer healing sessions, training and mentoring both in person and remotely. My public bases are in Glastonbury and Street, Somerset, on the sacred land of Avalon. If you would like to work with me I am open to invitations to work in the UK and abroad.

About You

On a subconscious level you seeking deeper knowledge outside of secular teachings. You are keen to dive into experiential knowledge, where you bring through deep inner wisdom from you soul. 

  • You may possibly be a practitioner, teacher or even just consciously beginning your journey and want to go deeper into your heart consciousness. 

  • You may be seeking to learn these tools and take them back with you in your work environment for conscious leadership.

  • Deep down you know leadership begins with you.

  • You want to learn, but not feel obliged to commit to a particular group and avoid hierarchical approaches or formal strict routes to follow, which restrict the freedom your soul seeks.


Yet you would like to have some tools, knowledge to guide you in a supportive and safe environment, where your experiences are supported and heard from a soul level. You want to learn more about being in your heart and listen to your intuition so you too can claim your sovereign self. 

At the Sovereign Heart, this is what you receive. I believe in you. My role  is to guide you intuitively to bring the most out of your own experiences, downloads and wisdom that arises. Whether it is 1:1, group setting workshop or treatment session, you will be guided to find your own way. To navigate in alignment to your own path in a safe and supported environment. 

Whatever your reason for choosing to be here, if you choose to work with me, you are choosing you. You are choosing your authentic self and purpose in this life.  To consciously lead from your Sovereign Heart. If you really feel you want to work with me, not sure how you can afford my offering, send me a message to find a solution. Being from the heart is embracing unconditional love to all. 

Welcome to the Sovereign Heart. I look forwards to working with you if you.

Life is the emotional experience through which we grow and expand.

Mission Satement

To empower individuals, healers, leaders, and influencers,  to seek and to align their soul purpose with being heart-centered and grounded.. To create a new kind of inclusive  compassion to ripple into a culturally diverse society embracing well-being for all.

My Vision

To build a community of intuitive leaders,  who are centred in their hearts, so that they spread compassion, kindness, and care at the heart of their communities, in personal life, business and various social settings. To make well-being at the heart of everything. 

When the mind aligns to the heart the soul gains true clarity

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