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Chakras & Kundalini Flow

The Journey To Return Soul Consciousness through your cosmic body. Allowing your heart to sing your soul song.

Chakras is a reference to the seven chakras in body. Generally chakras are used in therapies to create a balance usually towards the end of a therapeutic session.

What if the story of chakras runs deeper, and there needs to be a deeper territory to uncover.

Find out more through chakras, the flow of kundalini and the hidden soul stories.

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Chakra Soul Story

within each one of us we hold all the information of our soul.  The Chakras create a  gateway to the stories.

Each chakra holds a particular aspect of your stories and need to accessed individually.  This is diving deeper into your chakras and goes beyond the normal healing and clearing practices.

There are 7 core chakras to work through:

Muladhara - Base

Svaddhistana - Sacral

Manipura - Solar Plexus

Anahata - Heart 

Vishuddha - Throat

Ajna - Third Eye

Sahasrara - Crown

All the chakras are interlinked in how they operate in your life, and this is the depth you need to work through to deepen your journey to your core truth. 

The more deeply you clear your chakras the higher your frequency rises. The aim is to then integrate it in a grounded way into your life.

As you work through the chakras you learn to balance you divine masculine and divine feminine energies.


The Chakras & Kundalini

The Chakra Empowerment Journey is about understanding your chakras through various stages. Starting in September Chakra Empowerment Journey. This is a chakras course to take you further into the chakras through different stages of connection.

We are currently on the start of new path, it is time to establish a new foundation. This takes time and can be difficult to navigate. 

During the course of The Chakra Empower Journey, we will work with nature and movement, to build a firm foundation and align to current energetic influences. Each month we will work on different chakras. Starting with Base chakra working through to the Crown. In addition to this we will include the earth chakra for grounding, soul chakra and spirit chakra over a period of 8 months. 

The course is designed to be completed remotely with sessions via zoom.  At the end of the course in early June there will a final date for a non-residential integration weekend in Glastonbury.  This will be a deep healing session and we will be working together to begin working more deeply with chakras on ourselves.  For therapists this is an additional tool to integrate with your healing work and work more deeply with your clients. 

All participants will receive a certificate for the level of chakra work completed.


The Hearts Quest

Jaguar has been my core guide through the chakras and the heart. Jaguar medicine take you to not fear your emotions, the deep recesses of your heart and mind. 

The journey through the heart begins with dealing with a deep  heart break. it does into the core of your heart. When we face this type of heart break, the usual way to deal with it is to heal, balance and carry on. However, when it is recognized as an opportunity to dive deeper into your heart and soul, that is when you really been to heal the emotional wounds and fears of the heart.

The Hearts Quest is a  journey of 12 months supported through online meetings and deeper activation of the heart. 

It will be challenging and rewarding journey, as you learnt reclaim your power, build resilience and begin to change the way you show up for yourself.  The new is more assertive  as you establish stronger boundaries whilst softening your heart. Your emotional intelligence grows and expands. 

A good leader knows how to lead themselves. Has integrity and is able to make decisions through strong self knowledge and intuition.

On The Hearts Quest, you learnt to truly listen to your heart.

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