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Meditation Power

Meditation is the Power to Self Regulate and take Responsibility in the Moment.

In every moment just be present

Be with the feelings and emotions 

Awareness is a deep connection

To all aspects of life

Be in the moment

Clarity enters your mind

Bringing Deep Unconditional

Love and Peace inside

Starting September 2023
6 weeks meditation Course

Enjoy the scents of nature

My Meditation Journey

Tree meditation

I was 16 years of age, and really did not know what I wanted to do with my life. Science was the done thing, yet I was not drawn by it and arts were out of the question. This is when the real pretending began though that is not what  I understood then.  I was pretending to live a normal existence of going to college and being a student.  It was the done thing in my family.  Just fitting in to keep the peace and dealing with what I really felt I wanted to do inside. At that age it would have been too much to handle. 

A slow Start

Society places a great deal of emphasis on intellectual studies and not experiential knowledge and I was torn inside as to what I should do.  This begins the process of living life in comprise.  I followed the normal patterns of life but I was lucky I felt drawn to meditation in 1988.  This was when mobiles were bricks and rarely seen before the world wide web existed for all.  Ironically, I found meditation through an RE class when we visited a vihara at the RC sixth form I attended.  The cycle of the soul and practice of meditation just felt right inside.  From there I looked into meditation, books were not so easily available but luckily I had found a couple of sources to learn from.   In 1992, I decided to base a college assignment, after discussion with my teacher for my Business Studies course to investigate into meditation as a way of managing stress in the workplace.  I had already began to use it for myself at college at stressful times and dealing with fallout's.  This not something I talked about to a lot of people and it was not a well known topic and had little interest, especially as a student.  Therefore, it simply became something I did on a regular basis and particularly when I needed to find peace inside and manage the stresses of being a student.  

Learn & Have Patience 

The meditation journey was not a success straight away. Sometimes I went weeks without the practice, yet something would always draw me back in.  There were times, my mind was too active and I gave up, but later would go back to it. and listen to a guided meditation.  I learnt to use different forms of practices in different situations.  I had tried various forms of meditation, guided, breath, silent, mantra and raja yoga, each one having its own strength.  Over time you begin to understand through trial and error what works best for you.  In the end it was always worth it.  Nothing can beat that inner peace.  It is interesting to look back and realize that due to meditation I was able to maintain a calm in most situations and people looked to me in moments of stress to calm down.  In 1994 I began to guide others in meditation when requested.. Helping others connect to themselves and that inner peace is always a great joy to see and experience with people.

New Journey Begins

In 2004 I began to learn qigong and taichi, where we had to learn to still ourselves in our movement practice., and we even did standing meditations.   All this time I followed meditation practices for myself and guiding others when requested. It was after Reiki, where I learnt a different type of meditation that I began to explore consciously it's esoteric nature.   Some of the past guided meditations I now realize they were journeys into other levels of consciousness. 


Now things were more easily available on the internet, my exploration deepened and it was easier to connect to different sources of information and find mindfulness groups.  Mindfulness began to take priority in my practice as I slowly began to integrate it bit by bit.  Now I had a very strong foundation in meditation. The core things that support building our own strong practice I now share as courses.

Guiding Meditations

With the arrival of social meditation, I began to explore running online meditation and found it was very very effective.  I use to run regular meditation on a Monday morning to start the work week.  Running meditations, I found I could help people get into a deep meditation in minutes.  Many have benefited from these meditations that I set up a 21 day meditation challenge to support people to be able to meditate on their own.  In addition to this I ran moon cycle meditations.  Now it was easier to discuss meditation and mindfulness with people in various settings.  I remember going on someones weekend event where we were all staying together.  At the time I was running morning live meditations on Facebook, so I offered meditation to the group.  It was fantastic.  Everyone loved it and it set us all up for the day.  Afterwards, many people still remember it as being one of the best things on the event and referred to it as a retreat.  I was later asked by Chris Hill to running meditations for his first ever addictions retreat.  I really enjoyed the impact guiding others through meditation whilst channeling it in the moment.  It was powerful and strong and had a positive impact. I believe this can be translated as path-working, however it is not a set in stone meditation as it is always channeled for the requests of the situation..


In 2018, I was having lunch with colleagues discussing meditation with the usual conversation about them not being able to meditate, finding it difficult and quietening the mind.   We we had about 5 minutes left before we had to return to our desks but I said give me a couple of minutes and I can lead you into a deep meditation.  Thought they were skeptical, they were open to the idea.  Afterwards, I got expressions of amazement at how quickly I was able to guide the meditation and how deep they had gone and that within two minutes they experienced a deep sense of peacefulness they never expected to achieve.  

Coping with Life Experiences

In 2018 I co-hosted my first retreat where I was leading on meditation and and group development activities.   On the morning of the retreat, I got news of my grandmother leaving her physical body aka died.  I was torn between wanted to go and be with family, and have the responsibility of people who had booked the retreat.  I was sad for my loss yet happy for my grandmother to be released from her failing physical body whilst being excited about the first retreat. I had all these emotions running riot through me and I did not know how I would cope.  We had a full moon and lunar eclipse - emotions were high.  I informed my co-host he may have to step in but I found during walks in nature mention it when I felt it was appropriate and through it all I was able to run the retreat and hold the hold space for everyone whilst leading meditations. 

Meditation Works

Meditation is that powerful, it enables you to put things into perspective, be present with your all your emotions and be open and honest about it and still effectively operate in daily life. It empowers you from an inner stable place. The heart-centered meditation and deeper work all supported me to be able to just be in the moment and enjoy the internal processes you are going through in daily life.  Ultimately, meditation reminds us about the natural process of living life in the moment. 

Come and learn meditation with me.  I now offer it online .  The next course starts in September 2023 on Wednesday evening.  If you are local you can attend in person.


Six Weeks Meditation Course

Meditation Mindfulness Mindset

Meditation is a very powerful tool for living life. There are various forms of meditation and just getting the basics can be difficult.  I am offering a 6 weeks meditation course starting online from 13th September 2023.  These are weekly classes.

During the six weeks we will cover different practices and at the end you can choose what works best for you.  I have the experience of the meditation journey since 1988.  There were times I struggled, felt restless, the mind kept talking etc.  Through this I began to understand more deeply about meditation process. 


I can share tips and provide insights to how the whole development process works.  The practices are based on a course I wrote in 2010 to support others wanting to get into their own practice for daily living. 

The aim of this course is to start building your own foundation to fit your life.  

The evening session are a combination of:

  1. Connection / review

  2. Explanation of exercise 

  3. Practice of meditation excercice

  4. Feedback 

  5. Q&A

At the end of the six weeks you will have meditation tool set to set your own practice and those who wish to continue, there will be options to join a regular practice.

Cost: £88 ... there is an early bird price 25% off which is £66 if paid by 28th August 2023

Contact for more information and to receive details of how to book.

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