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Life Healing Values

Painting by Bhavna Mistry of the internal kundaline process through the chakras

The Soul Story Journey

Journey through your chakras through the different levels of your souls path in this life to allow your gifts to blossom like the the lotus flower.

The Sovereign Heart is a journey of uncovering the hidden messages in your chakras, emotions and soul. As a Healer Teacher & Artist of Soul Story, I offer a unique and powerful combination of ancient and modern healing modalities. You will be guided in a safe and supportive environment to explore the layers of your soul story and find the answers from within. Our sessions explore a variety of tools, including energy healing, meditation, and creativity. Discover the freedom and joy of living from your Sovereign Heart.


The tools on this page are some of the core tools of Bhavna's own life journey.

Meditation & Contemplation

As a healer, teacher, and artist on the alchemy of soul story, Bhavna is passionate about helping people find their own personal path to inner peace and joy. I use a variety of meditative systems, as well as mindfulness practices, to help my clients explore the depths of their own being, and discover the beauty and power of their own hearts. My goal is to bring balance and harmony to others through my unique approach to healing and self-discovery.

Meditation connects us through breath to the source of primordial light.

Intuition & Psychic Awareness


As a Reiki Master /Teacher she offers offering holistic healing and restoration services. Through the ancient practice of Reiki, sessions through treatment or teaching / mentoring support is given to facilitate a deep connection to the universal life force energy, allowing your soul to be re-discovered on your journey to reclaiming your inner sovereignty. The light from source lights the path forwards in numerous empowering ways.

Working with light source, allows us to go deeper into the light body and the chakras. 

Card Readings

The Sovereign Heart provides intuitive and psychic development services to help you explore the depths of your being and open your heart to inner wisdom. To further explore and experience a higher state of being, they use tools from ancient shamanistic techniques, such as spirit guide connection, sound healing, crystals, soul retrieval, power retreival, cord cutting, energy extraction and reclaiming empowering parts of self.

Through the process of deepening your intuition services may include combining the use of oracle and tarot decks. You can request a reading as part of your session and some trainings includes harnessing these tools to dig deeper into the universe around them and use their intuition to harness these tools for personal growth and spiritual development.

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) & Coaching

Bhavna is a trained NLP Coach using this modern tool of evaluating the use of language, habits, behaviours, beliefs, and values to help identify potential patterns of self-sabotage. This approach helps you uncover the power of your story and uncover new possibilities and a renewed sense of agency.

Time Line Evaluation & Healing

Bhavna is a time line and regression soul story consultant who offers powerful and transformative ancient and modern techniques to help you dive deep into your soul story. Utilizing her expertise in time line and regression tools, Bhavna can help you unlock the subtle layers of your unique perception of reality and gain access to powerful ways to create deep lasting change.

Coming soon...

Chakra Soul Story Cards

Bhavna, as a Chakra Soul Story Oracle, is currently working on unique deck of chakra cards to help guide souls on their journey of deeper growth and expansion. Through her magical art, she provides powerful readings and transformation to help people connect deeply at all levels. These paintings provide deep inner alchemy through bypassing the thinking mind. 

More to come on Bhavna's projects soon. 

Painting by Bhavna Mistry of Chakras and Jaguar Medicine

Storytelling Myths & Legends

Bhavna  is  embracing her poetry skills and trying her hand at being a storyteller for change.  In 2022, she intuitively ventured to study with the West Country School of Myth.  She learnt more about using stories for growth and development and has retold one of the stories at the Summer Retreat and with friends.  Seeing and experiencing the powerful positive impact this has, she plans to explore ways to integrate this into her own services for deeper learning. Bhavna  believes if we are not fully embracing the souls vitality for life, we are loosing the meaning of our own life.

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