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At the Chalice Well in Glastonbury

This beautiful garden is filled with a beautiful energy that calls the heart of the feminine. 

It is one of my favourite spaces to be hanging out to simply refill my soul. 

The Heart Chakra of the World

Did you know that Glastonbury is considered the Heart Chakra of the world? The energy here is special.

The Heart Heals

The Heart Chakra holds our emotions of the deepest fears and greatest desires.  It is simply covered with a of conditioning that leads to inner interference. 

The Healer takes journey to remove all this interference.  Some may choose to teacher and offer healing treatments  as part of their healing journey.

The Teacher - imparts the knowledge and techniques to empowers you to embody your journey as the healer returning to true self. The teachers is also a guide until you are able to guide effectively from your true self.

The Artist - reminds you that you are the architect of your own life, ready to manifest your deepest authentic self in all that you do.

The Sovereign Heart

What is the Sovereign Heart? How do we experience it?

Let's begin at the beginning.  The fabric of life from which we are all created.  It is the souls liminal space. A place of of feeling pure unconditional love.  it is the gap that is talked about in mystical expressions of highest space to enter.  It is the transitional space the souls returns in-between lives.   

The Sovereign Heart has the ability to reconnect to this space consciously without using substances to enter and maintain a level of connection.  It is from here that the ability to be fully presence in the moment arises.  It takes time to undo all the constrictions created through conditioned living.  It takes time to undo the levels of control we are unconsciously living under. 

Soul Alignment

In the physical body we are conditioned from conception, and every environment we have lived in from our time in the womb is imprinted on our energy and integrated into the body.  This is the reason it is very difficult to stay in a state of being present.  This is why we use various tools to bypass the constraints to being to reconnect to our soul in that space. 

The Heart

The first organ to grow in the embryo is the heart. This is where all our information is stored.  Connecting to your heart is essential on any path of spirituality, well-being, emotional and even mental health.  It is from the heart we learn to navigate life as the cardiovascular system forms.  It is from here that our soul begins the connection to our life. 

Above and Below

In the energy body, there are seven core chakras that are connected to the physical body for life on earth.  The middle chakra is the heart chakra and is in the center of the chest close to the human heart.   From a energetic perspective it connects and brings into balance the chakras above and below.  Without going too deeply into the topic is allows us to connect to the physical life that requires human actions to the conscious life that connects us to expression, 

The Teacher & Artist

Your heart is your greatest teacher as it connects to your higher soul self and it is the artist within.  When your inner teacher and your inner artist begins to align you being to create from your heart.  This is the intuitive side of you that begins to create in life your authentic truth into the world.  How you choose to express this is part of your creativity.  


A person with sovereignty has the capacity to enter into a level of conscious living where they are able to have the authority to respond to life in an empowered way.  It means the ability to align your physical self, emotional self, mental self and spiritual self to have autonomy of your life direction.  You live by being responsible for who you are in your life, through a consciousness that deeply connects to your soul.

In summary

Therefore the Sovereign Heart mean you live life empowered by your ability to direct your life through your inner balance and harmony as you express your souls authentic truth.  You are able to live passionately and unconditionally true to you.

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