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Mantra for Reclaiming Your Light

Antar jyoti , Bahir jyoti

pratyag jyoti, parat parah
Jyotir jyoti Swayam jyoti

Atma jyoti shivosmyaham


Light is Inside, Light is Outside,
Light is in Myself, Beyond the Beyond.
The Light of Lights, I am Light,
the Self is Light, I am Shiva!

The Power of Soul Consciousness is the power of your true original primordial light. This Seed of Consciousness is the Light within that guides, often referred to Higher Self or a named guide. This is recognizing the Truth of your Inner Most True Nature and its embodiment.

Primordial Light

The Primordial energy is the source of the creation in the universe.  It is the source of all life forms and all that exists.  It is ultimately the life force energy that enables all functions of the body and mind. It is the light fabric for all of creation that connects us all as one light of consciousness.

Follow your light, your truth, your path and let the light guide you. This can be in the form of guides and divine beings

Understanding your True Essence

Every single one of us has a light within ourselves that shines bright.  It is our eternal self, known as consciousness.  Through the process of birth and early years our awareness of this connection is lost.  What is referred to as being as spiritual is the process of reclaiming our awareness. Without this light we would not exist.  

Each person comes to this level of awareness in their own time, and their own way.  It can be a conscious decision or unconscious it does not matter.  It is your journey that counts.  Individually we are drawn to different teachings, and tend to have a bias towards the one in which we grew up.  

I started my path through meditation, it was what felt right to me, yet I explored tarot, crystals, aromatherapy, yoga, qigong, shamanic traditions, healing traditions old and new and most recently the true art of storytelling. All these different ways work.  They work because we all work with different archetypes that supports our growth.  Ultimately, the goal is to integrate more and more consciously, in a grounded way our consciousness in this life experience.

After becoming a Reiki Master / Teacher, in 2008, I began to explore more deeply various forms of energy vibration, including mantra chanting as a vibration of energy. Reiki has already introduced me to the universal life force energy, but it is not generally taught in this way.  It is taught as a healing modality and therefore no recognition is given to development for returning to consciousness.  


The Journey to Truth

In 2009 after my unexpected pilgrimage to India to learn about my Indian ancestry, I was opened up further.  I began to explore mantra through dedicated effort with mala and began to learn about shamanic traditions.   Mantra vibrations  and working with shamanic traditions became one path for me.  I began to merge using different traditions teaching to remove the energies of my childhood conditioning's.  This became a big year for me, as I learnt the art of channeling, which actually only required me to open up my throat chakra.  I found I could easily channel my own guides as well as various other guides and cosmic teachers. 

Understanding Consciousness.

Working with my guides lead to experiencing more and more of my consciousness.  Like Buddha I wanted to learn more about the liberation of the soul from karma and suffering.   I researched and explored various traditions.  My maternal line came from the moksha path, the path of liberation, this appealed to me.   In 2011, on deepening shamanic path, for the last drum journey, which was for my next steps , I was given the cryptic message to go "beyond the beyond".  I had no idea what that referred and through research found the mantra at the top of this page.   It was time to explore the 'beyond the beyond' and see where it lead.

As I was born into a Hindu tradition, it was very natural for me to work with mantra, and feel the connection of my guides. In fact, other teachers, in this field of energy healing and spirituality field, requested that I initiate them, after their guides had guided them to me.  I almost refused.  but reluctantly, I took up this challenge.  Ultimately, my guides are from this tradition, therefore I only had to tap into them for guidance.  They taught me to integrate their energy and become one with them.  When I first began this integration process, 'I' became 'We' and this increased my ability to experience consciousness. During the early part of this decade, I was dedicated to spending my spare time in deep meditations. I wanted to experience 'beyond the beyond', and get an experience of experiencing moksha (liberation).  It is a very beautiful, expansive, loving state to merge with and cannot be effectively described only experienced. 


Life Takes a New Meaning

If it has been an option back in 2012, I was ready to leave this world.  In fact, I would have happily gone back to consciousness.  However, it was not the soul plan I came with and it took a while to understand this.  I wanted to stay in this space, but I was forced to be grounded back and I certainly not pleased about it.  Now, I had a taste of consciousness, I could not put all these experiences behind me.  However life practicalities had to be faced.  I had a mortgage to pay and I was struggling to understand how to go forwards.  I did not see the purpose to continue as my understanding was getting this level of consciousness was the ultimate goal.  In fact I spent the last 10 years coming to terms with my path.  I wanted to hide this experience, because very few could understand what I was talking about.  

As a light of consciousness, we all have an experience to complete in this life.  This becomes our soul purpose, our ultimate true hearts desire.  I had started  painting through, just intuitively creating these small paintings in consciousness, I reakused they represented the transforming the light body and chakras. I was creating cosmic alchemy through my art.  The paintings penetrate the energy at an unconscious level.  I test them,  as mediums for healing, reading or even teaching.  This is part of my purpose, and it is still unfolding.   The rest I will be shown one step at a time. What I have learnt is that I can no longer ignore this path, as it began to affect my health and well-being.

Deepening Understanding

It took me time to really understand my path, I work the energy body, as cosmic level.  This has been about increasing my frequency, which I only began to fully comprehend in 2023 after I had an aura photograph taken and was explained about the uniqueness of my chart and the high frequency I was wondering around with. It was also a very balanced chart.  Balance leads to sovereignty from the heart.  It is in the heart that we balance the energies of lower chakras and the higher chakras.  Heart is the place from which we express unconditional love. 

The Path Emerges

Now, I offer my years of experiential knowledge to you, to come and work with me, have me as your guide until you feel ready to work with your guides unconditionally.  I run courses, or may choose to work with me 1:1 through my consultation / treatment sessions, which do include providing the necessary tools.  All the work is integrated.  I channel everything, and if through the sessions your guides want to connect, you will be connected.  I bring the tools together to create one practice for inner alchemy.  The practice is ultimately about working through the heart and your cosmic self, Higher Self and integrate this into daily life in supported and grounded way.  

I look forwards to connecting and working with you. Prior booking people do get in touch.  Below are some of the ways you are work with me, come and follow me on FB or Instagram and I have some old videos up on youtube. Or subscribe to my monthly newsletter.

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