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The Sovereign Heart

Unlock the secrets of your Sovereign Heart with Bhavna.

Embark on a magical journey of self-awareness, creativity, and empowering alchemy .

Reveal your hidden gems and the beauty of your unique soul story as you bring to light the secrets held in your chakras.

Allow Bhavna to Safely Guide into your Heart

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To The Sovereign Heart

Reconnect - Reclaim - Re-establish

Consciousness Reclaims Heart & Soul 

Welcome to the Sovereign where consciousness meets material life as experiencing the oneness in life. Consciousness is a creative force that is part of each one of us.  True creativity is authentic and unique and is a process of deeper connection to our own truth and own path. This is through our heart and soul.

Separating and compartmentalizing is a process of the lower mind / ego.  It keeps us from our souls truth. At the Sovereign Heart we begin the process of reconnecting to reclaim and reestablish our inner most truth which unfolds our true purpose.  Our purpose is not revealed in following the conditioned path.

Reclaiming our consciousness we begin to see how all of life is interconnected.  We begin to appreciate the roles we play, and the role of all of existence.  It gives us the ability to experience life as a deeper journey and requires the alignment to our own true heart.  This is the basis from which your unique self begins to express itself.  

Re-establishing our consciousness is removing the stigma of what spirituality means as we can see through the dogma of teachings. Each one of us can claim back and establish this truth from being centered in the heart.  

A eucalyptus seed with light

Breathe In .........Breathe Out

Inhale  ......... Exhale

Inhale Light ........Exhale Life

Create a deeper understanding and personal foundation

Find the deepest inner Peace

Live your ultimate soul Truth and purpose

Feel Unconditional Love flood from within

Share your Joy and enthusiasm for life

Act on Inspirations in the present moment

Walk your Talk as you dance and sing through life

For many years I followed a path of separation of energy healing, spirituality, emotional well-being, mental health and physical health.  It seemed impossible that they were deeply interlinked. This separation and compartmentalization combined with social constructs made it feel we could not combine all three. 

This way of thinking is the popular world establishment. The one where the concept of 'divide and conquer' rules the land. Designed to keep the human self in chaos and destructiveness, living from a place of fear.  This way is self-sabotage. The only way forwards is to step out of the consensus and discover the truth for yourself.

When you discover your own consciousness, you begin to feel empowered to live your own life. You begin a journey of internal joy and wonder and begin to establish it step by step into your own life.

Deepening the Path of Consciousness and integrating it into your life brings a more holistic approach to life.

  • Moving out of isolation into deeper connection to self and connection to nature as you release the social constructions that promotes disconnection.

  • Sense of belonging running deeper than having an identity to fit in to social and cultural segregation

  • Embracing leadership from the heart and embodying consciousness in life.

  • Allowing natural creativity to flow to greater expressions of yourself

  • Reclaiming your life that is inclusive and diverse

  • Consciousness is your truth shining with unconditional love

Beech nuts_edited.jpg

As you embrace and shine your light, others begin to shine back.

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