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Is Consciousness A Real Thing

Consciousness is that spaciousness where words have no place. Hard to describe it has to be experienced. Serenity prevails and harmony enters your life.

In August 2023, I had the Reiki Soul Reiki Power immersion weekend. This weekend has been planned intuitively and I was running it with Kay Gillard. Our roles were clear from the beginning. I was responsible for the soul journey part of it as that has been my approach. Having approached my path through meditation in a non-secular way, I have the freedom to choose my beliefs. Therefore, I chose to embrace my life from a soul perspective free from religious dogmatic rules,. Therefore this means I can draw from any tradition I find beneficial for my soul and therefore changes how I approach everything, as it is hard to identify with one specific group. I am influenced by my tradition but it does not hold me as the only path to take. This has meant that though I touch on the subject I tend not to go deep into it, as most people expect me to be part of particular following, which simply can make it hard to understand, especially if you are not approaching from this perspective. There is no hierarchy in this approach.

Making Plans

We had a loose structure which we confirmed that week over a cup of coffee, when we met up to check out the practicalities of using the room. I knew my role is to talk about soul and Kay took charge of reiki power.

At the beginning of the event we all chose oracle cards for the weekend. Mine was to be a channeling guide. There is nothing unusual about this. All my work, the retreats etc, I am guided from my higher self, and meditations is always channeled. I had a loose plan about talking about soul, as it is always primarily talking about being from the heart. I have learnt that for the talk to be really effectively delivered, it will be driven by the revelations of the participants drum journeys. There is always a guided meditation which happens naturally, therefore, timing was not planned. Talking from the heart usually means discussing soul perception through life journey.

Being Guided

Saturday during the lunch break I was wondering around in nature, asking for guidance on how to begin with the discussion. A lot had been opened up and I needed to draw it in. I did not know quite how to begin. That is when I found myself standing against the trunk of a favourite beech tree. As I learned into the tree and relaxed further, I noticed the beech nuts on the ground. I felt compelled to pick a few, so I did. I picked several a combination of open, closed and even one without seeds. This is what I am going to talk about, the beech nut. I knew, that by holding one of these in my hands and the participants choosing the one that called them, everything would fall into place. This is trusting the right words will be spoken in the moment. This is exactly how it all unfolded in the moment.

Channeling The Moment

There we were, all seated on the floor in a circle of divine feminine energy as everyone booked was female. I began by explaining my lunch break adventure then one by one everyone chose a beech nut. I began talking about the beech nut and what it represented as a food sustenance and the purpose of the seed in life. As the minds of the group focused on the seed, the talk suddenly deepened. This is when the channeling happened. Words were merely to occupy the mind, as the mind needs distraction. If the mind knew what was going to happen next, even I would have been blocked. For it would have brought of issues around 'who am I to talk about this', 'self-worth', and well I certainly am not 'trained' by a human elder, saint, guru of a particular lineage. I had not traveled around places to 'go and work with' some one with recognized authority on the human plane. Cosmic plane yes, but that's a different story.

Beech Nuts in singing bowl
Beech Nuts

One minute I was talking about the seed, and the next moment, I was talking about consciousness and the beech nut. I was channeling in a portal of access to consciousness. I did not know that was going to be the meditation until it happened. In the next instant I was guided them into connecting with the beech nut, and a portal opened. One person lay down at that point and others guided to it. Over the years I have become use to experiencing level of consciousness energy. that, when I realized what was happening, I naturally, guided consciously, holding the space to ensure everyone was connected to this.

I learnt actually, consciousness does not require being religious or spiritual, it is not a specific process, it is not a dangerous place to visit from which you might not return. It is simply a place of pure spaciousness and consciousness. It took people deeply to a place, where they got deeper insights to their situations. It opens the veils of separation, and you feel connected once more. It allowed them to open up even more for the rest of the weekend.. It allows you to unfold gently in your own time.

Directly leading on from the meditation, was discussion of experiences. It brought of many topics about being heart-centred, connecting into the heart, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, peace etc. I did not have to choose what to talk about, the subjects presented themselves and it was relevant for the group. To keep it detached I explained using their words with my own journey. This prevents it from become too personal and identification with the perceived experiences.

Trusting the Moment

This was the beauty of the two days event. Just trusting how the rest of the weekend then unfolded. Once people felt that sense of connectedness at consciousness level, the subjects presented themselves. People felt comfortable talking about the deepest concerns. We were able to discuss in depths where the discussions became the biggest part of the work. Later that evening, everyone was able to feel the emotions of the soul parts being returned and re-integrated, as we did soul retrievals in the evening. The next day we openly discussed different approaches to feeling more whole. You see there is only one truth and it is about the inner most truth of your soul consciousness. From this place we are all connected and we can all connect to this place.

Is Consciousness a Real Thing?

Consciousness is an experience without words. It is not a thing as we understand it living the world we describe as the third dimension. This world is about things, and identity, the ability to identify with something. As long as you identify with something, you are limiting your connection to consciousness. Consciousness is a real thing. It is the part of you that gives life to the body you are in. You can call it being spiritual if you like. Most people do. However, the experience of consciousness does not come with identification. It is deep sense of Self. For in the moment you experience your consciousness something deeply begins to change within you. You have found that something you did not even know you were looking for. It is something you wish to experience again.

In spiritual traditions it can be described as 'being', 'presence', 'love', 'awareness'., 'enlightenment', etc. This is a very real thing we experience and it brings us back into our hearts. In that moment you feel deeply connected there is no going back to what is called 'ignorance' of your true nature. This is the moment, your soul feels alive again.

Being Bold with Consciousness

For me, this is writing boldly about my understanding of consciousness. Prior to the Reiki Soul Reiki Power event, I would not even have considered writing about consciousness. It just felt 'being too much'. After all, I have not trained in a known path. Unconsciously this was holding me back. It all comes down to the one thing the mind loves to do, keep us feeling separated by undermining the experience through judgement. I have taken tools from the various paths and embodied them as my own.

This is probably what I needed to write about primordial light and reiki and consciousness. I have an invisible page which I have avoided writing as I called it primordial light. Maybe now that I have bravely talked about consciousness and my ability to access it for myself and guided others to do it, I can now write this page.


Consciousness is accessible to us all. We do not need to travel to see some special place, for be trained by a specific type of elder, or guru, or saint etc. We do not need to feel that we have to follow someone big. We do not need to have a near death experience. All we need to do is understand that this experience is available to us all. Whatever, our beliefs. The power of consciousness is the power of your soul. The easiest place to access it through is the heart chakra where the chakras of life and consciousness are balanced. Start in your own heart, your own energetic body. You can experience this too.

Bhavna Mistry

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