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The Mythical Healers Journey

Healing is something we grow understanding is about recovering from illness. What if there was more to healing, that we were never told about. Is the healer the same as the heroine / hero. This blog touches on the concept of healing from a healers perspective where it is all about the journey of life.

As a teacher, I have gone through healing modalities, applied them to myself and wanted to quickly start using it to help others through the process of offering treatments. I guided my first meditation / hypnosis session to a bunch of friends who thought it would be fun as we were students being students, dabbling and experimenting with life and wanting to hastily try things out we have learnt. Now over 30 years later, I laugh at what got up to and it wasn't safe. All I can say is having friends playing with a self created Ouija board and for some reason, they new to ask my help at a time I had no idea what I was doing. I came to the rescue, dealt with the situation at hand and went back to sleep. They had woken me from a slumber and I was annoyed. People have told me, it could have done wrong, but it didn't. Now, I know I was powerfully protected and kept safe. Maybe it was this or maybe it was something else but I followed a path of meditation, that took me on a long journey of healing and working with spirit consciously.

Getting onto the mythical journey path

What took me on a path of healing? It certainly was not due to a medical diagnosis. Looking back, I can honestly say it started, when I lost all faith in religion, and at the young age of 16 intuitively decided to learn meditation. It was the soul calling me, and I answered the call. Little did I understand what I was embarking on. From one intuitive action to the next I experimented with different tools, crystals, tarot, aromatherapy, and found myself going down the energy medicine path. It was slow learning. There were no fast results. Little did I realize, I was managing my mental health. Mediation brought peace to my mind in all life situations. When emotions and thoughts went crazy, I would put a mediation tape (CD's came later), and I would drift off into another space and consciousness. On return always feeling more calm, peaceful and relaxed again.

As I embraced new tools such as reiki, shamanism, NLP etc, initially, I wanted to go and offer treatments and teach everyone this. We always want to start with family and friends, yet, people around me were not interested. My ego then wanted to be right about what I was doing, this 'woo woo' stuff really works and I wanted to share it. I was changing, my frequency was changing and over time, I found it harder to 'fit in'. Even doing meditation, separates you from others, as you begin to want to keep the peace you are feeling. I had begun a healers journey, maybe can be referred to 'The hero's journey'. My perception of healing was evolving as my frequency changed.

Struggling in the jungle of mind chaos

It was not normal to have peace inside, I did not understand that what I felt was normal was not normal for people who had thousands of thoughts running through their heads. Having a balanced view was not normal. I thought I was abnormal because I could see two sides of the coin and struggled with being opinionated. In fact I tried to fit in, I tried to take become opinionated, it was really difficult. People want you to take sides, attitude becomes you are with us or against us. I had refused to go down any particular religious path, yet I embraced all the different teachings that supported my peace, balance etc, but as I got older, I struggled with 'normal work life'. My peaceful nature had become a hindrance, inside there was a lot of repressed emotions. It never occurred to me that deep in the unconscious mind more things needed to be released. Meditation can help keep the lit on things, if we don't know how to work with it deeply.

Reiki, is working with the light but it taught me to safely go deeper, so I had to embrace deeper healing. I didn't know I needed healing, I was doing just fine with tools I had. It was only after I went on a drum journey, where I asked guidance from spirit that suddenly my life had to turn completely upside down. I had journeyed to the upper world, where I was met by my guide a celestial goddess, where she zapped me with some energy, I felt the impact, tangibly, on my physical body. Once she completed this initiation she told me to heal myself. With the call of the drum, calling me back to normal consciousness, I returned clueless as to what she meant. Over the next few months I developed tools to support me learn more. I began actively journeying for more guidance and learnt more about the healing journey. could. The healing journey cannot be a hasty journey. You need to be ready to uncover the hidden depths. It's courageous perilous journey, with no guarantee as to the outcome.

New Perceptions

You begin to see the world for it is. A human jungle, filled with characters ready to assassinate anyone or anything that does not fit in, or conform. It's tempting to want to stay in a safe space, comprise your truths to just feel welcomed and at home somewhere. You realize that you have been betrayed by life, because you betrayed your soul. Once you begin to heal, you realize you cannot keep on compromising the true essence of who you are inside. Suddenly you realize what compromises you keep making, which make you feel really unhappy inside. You hide it, because you want to be part of group and fit in. Over time, the more you heal the inner child, you begin to see clearly; the lies you believed, the masks you wore, the images you projected to be part of something, or anything just to fit in. It eventually dawns on you this is how you lost your truth and joy for life. Where your soul became more subdued, where you lost heart as you focused on keeping the peace, fitting in and surviving.

This keeps your frequency operating in the dis-empowered survival mode. We hold all sorts of reasons 'why' we need to stay, it could be the mortgage, the career prospects, money, partner, kids, community etc etc. All individuals have a deeper story to heal. This is what the healing journey is all about. You cannot heal, until you are willing to take the journey deep within and reconnect with your heart and soul. Many may tell you, you are crazy to leave your life behind and take the lesser known road, but unless you do, you will never truly find your true passion for life.

Alchemy is Art

Through my own journey, I realized at 16 I gave up art. Once I took my journey, I found the urge to want to sketch, and paint again. I was always a doodler. Making pretty patterns. As I began to find my soul, this inner urge to paint began. I would just take small pieces of canvas and begin with a colour, over time, I realized, I was working through the chakras. The colours, the patterns, flowed from deep within, emitting the energy and frequency as unconscious information. I found it worked in healing sessions. I was tapping into the intangible and giving it form to make the energy more accessible and tangible. Following my intuition, allowed me to create alchemy through chakras. I began receiving guided meditations. Finally, I decided to put it all together to help others on their journey. I would never have been able to do this, had I not followed through with the inner niggles that urged me to listen to the quiet voice inside.

This is how you also can embrace your own journey. You do not need to have a massive drama, it is not essential. You already have all the materials you need to create inner alchemy. It is called life experience. Learning from your life experiences, understanding the lessons they bring and following you intuition is how you find your way back to your heart and your soul.

You can get started today with meditation, or working through your chakras. Make it easier for yourself and get support on your journey. It a courageous heart that takes the journey and embraces the deepest change through alchemy.

The Souls Path is the Sovereign Heart

Once you have been on the journey, done the work, uncovered your authentic self, you return with a new voice. Erasing the past voices that said 'No' to your soul, you find your voice begins to speak through you. The arrives for you to share the wisdom of your true voice. The voice of your soul. All you have to do is learn to relax and listen. It can be one of the hardest things you learn to do, because the ego will attempt to thwart you. Just keep moving forwards. Gather the momentum and draw in the support.

You can join me on the journey. Join my community on Facebook, subscribe to my newsletter and keep in the loop as I share the secrets of finding peace, within, embracing your truth, through the unconditional loving heart and allowing your light to guide.

Take these words and make them your own mythic journey of life.

Bhavna Mistry

Soul Story Alchemist

Healer, Teacher, Artist

Spirit Medicine

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