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Sovereign Soul Self

You are more than your body. You are a soul here to express your truth.

The word sovereign is associated in connection to royalty. In many cultures to be royal signifies to be close to god or the divine. This is translated in some cultures as recognition of your inner most truth.

Bhavna at the Chalice Well
Bhavna at the Chalice Well

The sovereign self means to be able to connect to your soul, listen to your soul and then act on souls needs. This leads to understanding your soul purpose. I like spending time at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, as it is regarded as the heart chakra of the world. To be sovereign requires being in your heart. In the background you can see the vesica piscis, that belongs to ancient sacred geometry from the flower of life. The symbolic meaning is creation at the intersecting of two circle, the seed or the eye. It balances above and below, the masculine and the feminine and represents connecting, the soul to the body and the subconscious mind.

The Journey of Soul to Sovereignty

Every single person operates as an individual in the collective. We are have stages that we live through at soul level. Here are four general levels of operation we go through:

Physical Mental States of Life Journey:

  1. growing up we are often following unconditionally whatever we have been told by parents/guardians, teachers, society, and others. The norms we follow are the collective beliefs we take on as programming on how to make it in this world.

  2. As we grow and begin to think for ourselves we embrace our mental thoughts. We begin to attach conditions to what we value. For example, today a common condition for shopping is related to how eco friendly the products are, and animal welfare.

  3. As we begin to develop more and deepen our personal truth, and consciousness rises it is possible that we may take roles, work etc that suit us to make it work eg taking a job to meet material needs, to ensure you can keep developing yourself and take care of material needs for survival.

  4. Eventually, we begin to arrive at a place where we are able to really do what we want to do in life. This is when we question our life to the point of feeling the urge to leave your current life and start from the beginning to live in alignment to who you have become. The more we align to our souls truth, the more we look for a new way forwards.

Sensitivity to Life

The next challenge comes as we embody our physical life and develop a heightened state of sensitivity. The more you connect to your inner truth, your souls essence you awaken to even deeper levels of sensitivity. Depending on the route you take you can feel it in your physical body as vibrations of energy moving through your body.

You may become sensitive to your energy centers, the chakra points. You may feel different part of your body responding to life experiences. You may begin to experience the feelings, emotions or pain in people around you. This can lead you wanting to give unconditionally, but it may be costing you your well being and is very common in healer / energy practitioners.. This requires learning to handle, this experiences and creating boundaries for your own well being. Sensitivity is essential to operating in life but having boundaries supports you to choose when to be sensitive, to enable you function on a day-to-day basis and learn to thrive.

Listening to your Sensitive Self

Growing up in this life you may experience being told you are too sensitive. This can cause you either give too much or begin to shut yourself off from other people. Being sensitive is a powerful gift from your soul. It is here to teach you to take in information from your environment. I remember doing a exercise of listening to our sensitivity. In this situation we we taking away our senses in a busy environment. As the person described the scenario I found myself in, where I lots all feelings in a busy market, I found by body begin to tense, to get stressed, experience anxiety and rapidly begin to panic. This shows was an illustration on how we take in information around us through our senses. Therefore, your sensitivity is essential to living. I found tools such as meditation and reiki really supported with managing not taking on everyone's energy and keeping your energy strong.

Empowered Sensitivity

Often we learn through trial and error. We may find ourselves talking to someone who energy as you feel it contradicts what they are saying. You can tell something is not quite congruent. If you dare to voice it, you are called crazy or mad, and sometimes some psychotic terminology is thrown at you as their defense mechanism. You learn that being sensitive causes problems. Yet it is this sensitivity that provides you with information to be sovereign in yourself.

You know you cannot undo you sensitivity without there being a greater cost to your well being. Therefore, you learn to be sensitive, take in the information you receive and respond effectively without needing to reveal what you have picked up and over time, you are empowered in any role you take. You know how to response have your sensitivity empower you to manage in any situation.

Sensitivity Builds Resilience

It is not as straight forward as written in this post, but this is how you learn to navigate a society that does not understand your sensitive nature. Initially, people may see you are weak, soft, and kindness as a way to manipulate you. But as you build your resilience in different situations, they loose that power of you. You may get called names like you are difficult when they loose control over you. Yet, that is to try and get you back to where they are comfortable in how to handle you. When you are hard to handle your sensitivity builds resilience and empowers you to be more true to yourself.

Sovereignty Through Sensitivity

Therefore sensitivity supports sovereignty. It allows us to make informed decisions in any given moment. Sensitivity softens the body. You begin by relaxing into your body more and more. Physical exercises like qigong, taichi, yoga are designed to help you soften, relax and build strength. Now you are listening to how your body tenses in a given situation, you begin to feel the stress building, you begin to react through emotions or mentalization. This gives you warning that can allow you to choose how to deal with what is arising within. When you are able to stay with these emotions and thoughts, and listen to what they are telling you, you begin to understand how to respond. This increasing feeling your sovereignty. There are stages you go through to strengthen and become more resilient

Healing Your Heart

These are all ways your soul is talking to you. Giving you information. Your increased sensitivity is a tool to moving deeper into your sovereignty. As you begin to listen more and more to your soul, you connect to your own heart more deeply. This allows you to heal your fears, your old programmings your original dis-empowering beliefs consciously. This allows your heart to open more and more. This healing opens you to love, kindness, compassion and gentleness. It is an active process. You embody your warrior self. You balance your inner feminine and masculine and learn to embody your truth in this life. You begin to trust your intuition.

Intuition is Sovereign Soul

Your intuition is your soul speaking to you. The pure constant part of you, that guides your journey. It is the voice of your soul wishing to express from your true soul heart and slowly reveal your purpose in this life. It is more than having a career, it more than making a living. Your Sovereign Self is your Soul embodying it's Sovereign Heart. The more balanced your heart, the more you align your mind, heart and actions. Your Sovereign Heart becomes your life compass and you begin to operate from your Sovereign Self.

Welcome to your Sovereign Heart.

Are you ready to embrace your heart and soul?

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