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Reiki the Power to Reclaim You

Reiki often gets a bad rap in healing circles often seen as fluffy and unrealistic, thus hiding it's true power. It is a powerful and gentle energy. It is so powerful and gentle that sometimes you easily miss it's strength. It alleviates pain. It is like water flowing; powerfully to smooth out rough edges yet finds the path to those deep tiny holes or internal wounds to begin a deep healing process. Slowly, softening the edges. It is in the softening that the roughness of the journey is being felt. For many people, Reiki is a safe way to begin physical healing and embrace a spiritual path.

When I started on this journey, I remember being really excited, wanting to share this with everyone. It was amazing, it made me feel great and I wanted everyone to be able to experience this. Life became easier to cope with more positively. Yet everywhere I turned, people blocked it. It was a bit too non-tangible for their liking. This is when I began to see even more clearly the duality of life. On one hand people believed in 'God' of some sort without out questioning the source just because various scriptures have been around for a long time. Yet, Reiki was something they dare not embrace. At the same time they had a real curiosity and certainly enjoyed the 'free' treatments they were getting that made them feel good. It was just a bit too 'different' to feel safe to embrace.

Reiki has a really soothing effect whilst working on deep healing issues. It has the power to bring forth your inner strength to enable you to step up in your life and begin to question the status quo. I has the power to protect and shield your energy from negative arrows. You could literally be going through a really tough patch at home, with health, a crazy boss and yet you always pull through with a smile. The more you work with Reiki the greater resilience it builds. Like with everything, you can get into a unbalanced ungrounded state,; where you begin to avoid reality in life. Just like in meditation. That is not how I experienced it, possibly due to qigong where we did a lot of grounding of energy work. It was after I received my first empowerment that I began to step out of my old comfort zones and slowly wake up. I slowly stopped being the peacemaker to remove tension. Instead, I was willing to speak up more and more over time. Facing people and situations that were having a negative impact in my life. I was learning to say no. It took time, but it began with the first no.

People notice you are changing. They often want the old you back. Those who relied on you being there for them at the drop of a hat, have worst time, resorting to accusations such as 'you have changed', when you say no and are no longer 'on call'. They will try every trick in the manipulation book to get the old relationship back. It is empowering to say no. Now you dare to believe. On top of that you begin to really care about how you life starting to choose things differently. Creating new priorities. Those who really care will cheer you forwards. Like the empowered you.

People do look strangely at you when you talk about Reiki, like you are some 'new age hippie'. Not knowing what to make of you, especially if they have your a long time. It could be because you difficult to put in a box now or not sure what label fits now. Others feel upset or even betrayed. How dare you step outside the box you were in. This is the power of Reiki. It brings about positive, empowering change.

I started experiencing Reiki late 2004, at first I felt a bit of tingling here and there, but by early 2005 it started to get stronger. No-one could explain to me what it was, I spend over a whole year with this energy floating and tingling my whole body. It felt good but I had no idea what to do with it. Yet, the word Reiki kept coming back to me. I had not even heard of it until I started looking into energy stuff. At the time it was not seen as favourably in qigong classes. Eventually, in 2006. I decided to just do the course, even though I could not find a single person who had done it, or heard anything positive about it. I went against the accepted norm. It was only after I received my first empowerment, learnt the Hatsurei Ho meditation that my energy settled. Now, I had a way of channeling it. Even with years of meditation experience and now a practitioner of qigong and taichi, it took learning Reiki techniques to learn how to use and focus this energy. I believe my years of meditation combined with qigong and tai chi from 2004, activated it. My Reiki Master /teacher had told me in my first empowerment, I just absorbed it all, like I had been waiting for it a long time.

Empowered with tools, I built resilience to enable me to take the unknown path that has brought me here today. I learnt different ways of deepening my Reiki. I studied, researched, tried new things, began using mantra as vibrational forces, working deeply with chakras and then I joined the shamanic path through Reiki Drum learning tools and receiving the Munay-Ki Rites. As I combined these tools I could not go back to the old me. My warrior self awakened bringing huge changes to my life. Now I was embracing everything even more deeply. I was engaging in life, and speaking the truth. Speaking the truth is not fluffy stuff.

Reiki pushed me out of my old self and supported me to take the path of a healer, a teacher a soul story alchemist and I love the journey I have been on and the one I am walking now. Change is a good thing. Change is the only constant and Reiki has empowered me to embrace it. What does Reiki have in common with Shamanism? They both take you on a healers path, to heal the past, become present in your life, be heart-centered and true to your soul. Change is inevitable. You learn to trust your intuition as you being the process of living life consciously and mindfully. This is not a easy fluffy path. It requires resilience, courage and strength to stay on course.

This is what make Reiki so powerful, it connects you to your soul, it powers up your life force and you begin to live life for you.

Reclaim your soul and reclaim your power.

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