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Create Your Meditation Practice in 21 Days

Did you know that you can set up your own meditation practice in 21 days, all it takes is to build it up, day by day. All it takes is a understanding how to to allow yourself to grow with it each day. It is the ability to sit with yourself consciously.

Meditation is something I took to easily when I was only 16. something about it just felt right. It brought me a sense of deep inner peace as I navigated the complexities of life. Little did that I know that it is something a lot of people struggled with.

In 2016, I started running regular Live meditation on Facebook and found that people were becoming dependent on me for their meditation practice. If you feel you can only meditate when someone guides you it created a dependency on another person. Meditation is not about becoming dependent on someone else. It is about you becoming empowered to begin and embrace your own practice. This is one of the reason's I stopped doing live meditations. It's good for me to know, I really supporting people, through life challenges but am I really supporting you if I'm making you feel you can't do it without me. This really got on my wick that I decided that I would set up a 21 day challenge to get develop your own practice. It worked. For those who got through the 21 days, they were able to take on the practice in a empowering way.

For many people it is a challenge to take up meditation. it is a challenge to give yourself the time to do this. Too often, people say I don't have time to sit and do nothing. This is actually your ego getting in the way. The ego does not want you to know what is going on in your mind. It is actively sabotaging your day. It is also your mind keeping our away from your thoughts. It is easier to do mindless activities such as watching something on the box than to allow yourself to see what is going on behind the scene in your own mind.

This led me to put on a 21 day challenge as that allows you sufficient to begin a new practice. If you have always wanted to meditate but not sure how to go about starting. Try this challenge.

Before you even start the challenge you need to prepare yourself, by creating a special space. I call it your sacred space. This space is for you. For you to sit in on a daily basis to get your practice started. It can be anywhere in your own and have things around that make you feel relaxed, such as candles, incense, gentle music, cushions, or it can be just a clear space to clear your mind. It is your personal space that you are setting up. Once this is done, it is time to begin. It is good to have a journal to just see how you are progressing.

Each day at your designated time, morning or evening usually works well for most people, go and sit in your space. Once you are comfortable, just day to your self, on the first day, I am sitting here to begin 1 minute of watching my breath. In this one minute just sit and watch you breath. You may want to sit a bit longer but the minimum requirement is 1 minute and if your mind is trying to make you restless, just listen to what it is say. It's only for a minute. Once you have done your minute. Check in with how that experience was for you.

Over the next 20 days, you add, one more minute to your time following the same process. Keep it simple. Remember, you may experience resistance from your mind, just sit and watch it, sit with the thoughts and sit with the emotions, Once you are able to do this regularly, your mind begins to slowly cooperate and you begin to understand how your mind is mentally affecting you behind the scenes. This is a big part of meditation. Learning to sit with yourself, your thoughts and your emotions. You are actually doing something. You are doing something extremely beneficial to you. You are taking care of your mind and your thoughts.

After the 21 days of setting up, do another 7 days of 20-25 minutes daily, this will really set you up going forwards. You could plan it so that you start on a new moon. It's really good to work with the moon cycle, it keeps you going for the whole moon phase. The magic begins when you begin on a new moon.

I do plan to offer this challenge again, so join me on Facebook. You never know, I may restart the morning meditation on a new moon later in the year.

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