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Chakra Soul Story

We all have stories written inside. Each one is unique. The chakras are designed to hold the secrets of your life.

When I started working with chakras, I did the usual things, worked with colours, with crystals and worked with mantra. It was all good, I was able to keep my chakras balanced.

Then in 2008 after a massive heart opening, I found myself digging deeper. I was a mission to understand what healing is all about. and with the heart cracking open, I was on my own deeper healing journey. By this point, I was already going very deep with meditation, Reiki, crystals, mantra, qigong and tai chi and had begun exploring everything from a deeper vibrational level. I even started to play on my shamanic drum which came with a guide book. Through exploring herbs and aromatherapy, I found i worked I intuitively blended oils for different things and people reporting back how effective it was. Now that the internet was also becoming ripe with more an d more information, I was able research everything I was learning. I looked deeper in different symbols for reiki, and meditated with them all. I was reaching deeper and deeper into the the energy body. Then in 2009, I went to India to go back and explore my ancestral roots., this will be in a different blog, as a lot happened to me spiritually in a short period. The journey took me to learn more and more the tools of shamanism, learn other other techniques such as neurolinguistic programming (NLP), coaching, hypnosis, timeline work and EFT techniques through tapping. I even worked with the amazing Magin Rose on chakras and runes. This is when I realized I was going very very deep, when I guided her to the light body.

You see I was unconsciously naturally tapping into the light body and the chakras due to the deep meditations I was already practicing. I never really comprehended how deeply I was working, until I led others in meditation or at events. It is through my meditation that I have downloaded some amazing techniques. On another occasion in a deep meditation, I did a block removal chakra meditation, we were not identifying which chakra, instead we where exploring a topic deep through the chakras and for me to be able to do this, I realized, I had to channel energy into the room so that the others could also go deeper into the chakras. That was at the beginning of my journey of taking people deep. Now, it is just naturally the way I work through the chakras. Though I may have meditations from the past, whenever I am working, I know that I will always intuitively download the meditation, technique or tool that is needed in the moment. Therefore each session is always unique.

Through all this, I began to see how deeply the chakras affect us in daily life. I began to understand that every story we have ever lived in our souls life is contained within the chakras. It is your personal akashic record. This is what we tap into when we work with the chakras. This is why I love working with the energy body, the chakras, and all energy medicine tools. Every session is unique and deep alchemy take place.

How you can work with me.

I offer this in a variety of ways. Through the 777 PTP, which deals with deep transformation for one particular issue to joining me on a chakra event. From September 2023 I am also offering a chakra empowerment course, where I take you through the steps for you to be able to effectively work more deeply with your own chakra.

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