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Dec 12, 2023 - Dec 11, 2024

Heart Seed Activation Journey

  • 366Days
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The Heart Seed Activation takes you deep into to your heart over 12 months. The program works with the group in alignment with the energies we are moving through. This will be a closed group for 12 months to allow you to build a strong supportive environment. The group is open to 12 twelve for the year. 12 is the number for the heart chakra. The 12 months are planned around the cycle of the moon starting with the new moon in December. Start date 12/12/2023. The journey includes understanding the sun cycle and the moon cycle. Each month you will receive a channeled guided meditation on the new moon. The meditation is themed to the energy of the moon cycle, allowing the information to flow into the meditation specifically for the group. Full moon check in call and / to include a guided session You will receive weekly guidance/support in this group call / group reading. You will receive 6 x 30 minutes of 1:1 calls for personal guidance and support to be taken when needed in the year. A private facebook group will be created for you to communicate with each other outside of sessions and general feedback. Monthly Q&A session live Working with the heart chakra, means we will be working through the heart centre and activating the things we want to heal, step by step. The themes will be determined by the monthly new moon meditation, to support and hold group energy emerging. To confirm you place £600 deposit required. Rest to be paid as agreed by March 2024.

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